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To determine the approximate duration of the courtship of the girl before the first sexual contact with her, the whole army of psychologists around the world are engaged in almost scientific research. Even I wonder how much money is spent on it and how much will be spent more!


The team of our portal went completely different - a revolutionary way. We put on our Internet pages Belochki of the best profiles of prostitutes from the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian cities. That is why the incredibly complex psychological study duration courtship of girls up to the time of their divorce sex now lost any reasonable sense.


Our squirrel smoothly. Noting this fact, we have nothing special to add to this. After all, any axiom sounds as succinctly summarized as self-evident because of its obviousness.



In other words, the quality of sex is guaranteed the necessary skills of our call Independents. It is these circumstances and personal characteristics of whores near the metro Osokorki allowed us to bring all of these axioms.


As you can see, we talked about quite obvious things. Purely for fun, try to challenge at least one of our axiom, based on the real facts of your relationship with our squirrels.

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